domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

The laundry in Barceloneta

The streets of Barceloneta have always had a special personality. A fisher district created in the eighteenth century on land reclaimed from the sea four centuries earlier. It became an important industrial area, when the City Council banned the installation of industries with steam inside the walled citySimultaneously, many of its houses were divided into smaller dwellings, thus creating the famous "quarters of house".
The Barceloneta has always been a sailor district, popular, full of workers, and in recent years it has been subject to a growing tourist pressureThe washing hanging out in its balconies just reminds us all what the neighborhood has always been: the narrow houses,
 the Mediterranean character of its people, the popular spirit and the desire to build a public space together. As long as I see the clothes hanging in the streets, I'll feel happyBarceloneta is still here.

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