viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011


The city is also defined by its sounds, and Barcelona is full of them. We keep in our emotional memory those men delivering the orange gas cylinders, making loud noises with metal objects, telling us that they are here: those of you who need butane just tell us now! we take it to your house! Butaaaaaaaaano!
A very hard work, strolling through the city streets with their trucks, and weekly delivering the tanks, picking afterwards the ones that are already empty. By the way, often climbing narrow staircases to upper floors, loading cylinder weighing about 35 kilograms when full!
The city gas and electricity, much easier to use and distribute, have been gaining ground, which is totally understandable. But we must not forget that the butane has given heat, light and energy to a city, a whole country which have not always had so easy the fact of turning on a light or a heat source. An everyday object that has come to define a color, and has contributed to the welfare of many of Barcelonians.

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