jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

A concert at La Mercè!

I like Mercè. I mean I like the Mercè festivals. The Festival of Barcelona, of course.

Held since 1871, when the City Council decided to make a series of festivities to celebrate the Day of their patron saint, on September 24.

And although there are massive events scheduled, as one would imagine in a city like Barcelona, I ​​like that you still can feel the village beneath the city. Using the word village in a good sense, of course. We continue celebrating the correfoc, the human castle towers, different parades and dancing the sardana.

In the evening, I try to be aware of the concerts throughout the city, mostly free. Because, even if I don't know the artist, who can say no to a good concert in a place like Plaça del Rei?

All this, of course, if Santa Eulàlia behaves herself and decides not to cry because Mercè has taken the honor of being our patron saint. Come on, Laia, that was a long time ago! It is time you get over it!

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